Modern Innovations Stretch Wrap Film is made of heavy duty plastic material for industrial strength and durability. Its thickness firmly secures heavyweight or large (oversized) items even under the most severe transit and weather conditions. Whether it’s used for consumer or commercial purposes, each roll of stretch wrap has a powerful cling and strong tear resistance to secure items from falling apart or opening while in motion. The additional benefit of securely packaging items s to ensure the safety of others while moving items. This transparent, lightweight material is ideal for moving and transporting goods as its more cost-effective and user-friendly than other wrapping materials. The slippery surface prevents items from sticking together. Unlike tape, stretch wrap does not leave behind residue. Most movers and industrial workers utilize stretch wrap for all their logistical needs. It can be used to protect fabric furniture from dirt, stains, rips, and scratches. You can also securely wrap perishable items, like fruits and vegetables, to preserve its freshness. Our specially designed, easy-to-use stretch film roller handles make the packaging process even faster and more efficient.

UPC: 817496022092 (5 INCH WITH HANDLES)

UPC: 817496022078 (15 INCH WITH HANDLES)